15 Tips Of Leading A Happy Retire Thailand Life

15 Tips Of Leading A Happy Retire Thailand Life

Southeast Asia is more often than not becoming popular among the Western retires as an ideal, affordable and exotic location to reside in the post retirement period. The greatest attraction for leading a retire Thailand life or taking a Phuket retirement is the affordability and the user-friendly environment that these regions offer. To give an instance, the low cost of living Thailand places, is a great appeal that attracts foreign retirees to come and settle down there after retirement. This permits them to retire cheaply in Thailand than in any western countries like that of the USA. However, the standard of living is not low in spite of that.

15 Tips Of Leading A Happy Retire Thailand Life

Dotted with some of the most striking beaches, lush green stretches of fields, deep and mysterious forests and majestic mountains Thailand offers a laid back life and a culture as well as a user-friendly environment for the foreigners. This is why the retire Thailand life is such a lucrative option for the foreigners. Apart from the low cost of living Thailand also attracts foreign retirees for these reasons. That is the reason why  globally distinguished resorts like Phuket, Koh Lanta and Koh Samui, cities like Pattaya, Bangkok, Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai as well as small towns like that of Pai, Cha-am and Hua Hin see such a throng of foreign visitors at all times of the year.


So here are a few tips that will help you to settle down and lead a contented and peaceful retire Thailand life and to be prepared for what to expect and what to not in that part of the country.

Beliefs and Religion: They believe that donating to the Buddhist temple will fetch you luck, and if the monk blesses you then you earn the blessings of God and that is considered to be very auspicious for them and they stick to this view no matter what.

15 Tips Of Leading A Happy Retire Thailand Life

Don’t Be A Loner in The Retire Thailand life:  One advice for you is don’t live alone after retirement, be it Thailand or any other place you can’t be happy being alone in this phase of life.

Dropping of Final Consonants: One habit of the Thais is that they have tendency of dropping off the final consonants from words like motorcycle becomes “motorcy”, guest house turns to “gue hou”

Better Car is Given Privilege: When two cars come at the point of collision in Thailand, the car which is the better one is given the first chance to carry on unlike the western countries where the car to the right is allowed this privilege.

No Point of Remembering the Pronouns: The Thai language fails to make a distinction between man and woman, and thus they keep confusing the English words of “he” and “she”. They may refer a man as “he” and a woman as “she”.

Categorization Based on Age, not Gender: People of Thailand have the tendency to categorize on the basis of age, unlike the western people who categorize on the basis of gender. Like they are more likely to say “I have two older and three younger ones as siblings.”

Consume When Hungry:  Thai people eat when they are hungry and are not accustomed to taking meal at fixed times.

Belief in Ghosts: They have a firm belief that ghosts exist and are for real. Special ceremonies are held after the death of kin or loved one so that they can get rid of their ghosts.

Never Expect Returns Of Security Deposit: Though you can retire cheaply in Thailand, still one glitch of Thailand is that never think of getting back your security money. Try to amortize this amount at the time of payment of monthly rent and then go for the deal.

Singular and Plurals are avoided: Thais have a peculiar tendency of avoiding singular or plural words in their language. For example, they can often say “upstair” instead of upstairs. Life after retirement in Thailand will thus make you aware of many practices that are prevalent in the other parts of the world.

Usage Of Plastic Instead Of Bag: In Thailand plastics are used instead of bags for groceries and their take always.

More Nightly Payments:  The street vendors in Thailand charge more at night than at the daytime.

Work Longer Than Harder: Life after retirement in Thailand will show how many social practices that you never knew could exist. Thais have a general tendency to work for longer hours. This is because they hate breaking into sweat and thus prefer to work slowly than work hard.

Life in Groups: Thais prefer to live in groups than alone. They go out for coffee, shopping, and vacation all in a group and thus have an inclination towards life in a group.

15 Tips Of Leading A Happy Retire Thailand Life

Thais Get Priority To Be Served First: After you retire cheaply in Thailand irrespective of whether you take a Phuket retirement or Thailand retirement, everywhere the Thais are always given first preference if a foreigner and a Thai reach the vendor together. This is a display of the national pride of the Thais that is quite impressive.

Since you are about to retire cheaply in Thailand, try to smile and live life to the fullest in this exotic and foreign friendly location. This is the time that you can enjoy life to the fullest having accomplished whatever you desired from life. So whether taking a Phuket retirement or a Bangkok retirement, you have a fun retire Thailand life with a low cost of living Thailand life.

Note: I have been in Thailand now 15 years living on Koh Samui for the last 3 years and loving it.

Scott Riefler